How to save a dashboard as PDF
You can save what a dashboard is currently showing you by saving it as a PDF. Apex has a feature for producing a PDF in just a few clicks.
To save a dashboard as a PDF:
1. In the web interface, click .
2. Click a dashboard, from the leftmost panel, to view it.
3. Set your data source, reporting period, and apply any temporary dashboard filters (if desired).
The goal is getting your dashboard to show the data you want saved in a PDF.
4. In the web interface, click a dashboard.
Figure 13: PDF button
Apex PDF button locationApex PDF button location
5. In the dialog box that appears, configure how the PDF should appear.
6. Click the accept icon .
The PDF is being generated for your dashboard. After it generates, the PDF becomes available for download. All time values are specified in UTC using the ISO8601 time format: "2015-10-24T04:06:16Z". The Z at the end of the format indicates that there is no time offset from UTC. UTC does not observe summer time (daylight savings time). It is also possible that UTC may be several hours different from your local time. The web UI client uses its local browser time, but all API requests use UTC.