What is needed for replacement
To successfully replace ORS with Apex, you must be aware of some items before beginning.
Table 10. What to collect before replacing ORS with Apex
What to have or understand
Purpose for having or knowing
Version 17 license information for Apex
During the first launch of Apex, you must provide your version 17 license details. If you plan to be managed by OMS instead, have your v17 license added to OMS first.
Version 17 installation file for Apex
This file is necessary for installing Apex.
The user name and password to Apex is: admin / admin
The first login to Apex should need this user name and password. This user name and password should be used for configuring user access.
Reports made in ORS cannot be viewed with Apex
Consider keeping ORS installed on a second system or system image if you need access to legacy reports. Your existing reports cannot, and will not, work in OMS. You must recreate your reports in Apex.
Existing trending data can be deleted if you have no need for ORS reports
The trending information in ORS is not compatible with Apex. Therefore, the information cannot be used and is safe to delete if you wish.
The network trending data folder was typically C:\Program Files\ObserverReportingServer\Data, but you should check in Options > Program Settings > General Settings in the Network trending folder box. The hard disk assignment (like D:\) you specify here will be used in Apex.