How to open On-Demand ADM
There are multiple ways to open an On-Demand ADM, and each depends on where you are in the application.
On-Demand ADM is available when right-clicking a DNS name, IP address, or IP Pair.
From a dashboard, right-click a DNS name, IP address, or IP Pair and choose On-Demand ADM.
Figure 41: On-Demand ADM option from a dashboard
Advanced Analytics Right-Click Menu showing ODADMAdvanced Analytics Right-Click Menu showing ODADM
From an existing On-Demand ADM, click a node, then click the Drill Down icon, then On-Demand ADM.
Figure 42: On-Demand ADM option from Connection Status drill down
Connection Status Drill Down ODADMConnection Status Drill Down ODADM
A map appears showing a minimum of two nodes and the connection between each node.