How to license Apex
Apex is designed to be used as a server-based application.
If Apex is installed along with an Observer Platform product but not licensed, you have Apex Lite. Apex Lite provides limited reporting capabilities.
To license and activate Apex:
1. Install and launch the application.
2. Your default web browser will open to the following URL: https://localhost/OA
Example: If it does not, type the URL in the location bar of your web browser and press Enter.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by your web browser to accept the self-signed security certificate.
Your web browser must accept the self-signed security certificate to continue.
4. In the Apex web interface, click System > Settings.
5. In the System Settings pane, click License.
6. Enter the Contact/Department, Company, and License Information exactly how it is written in your license document.
7. Click the accept icon .
You successfully licensed and activated your product.
If licensing and activating your product remains unsuccessful, please contact Technical Support.
Licensing settings
The identification number shown should match the identification number in your license document.
If the numbers do not match, examine the Licensed to and Company boxes for typing errors.
The contact or department as written in your license document.
Company name must be accurately typed here for successful licensing.
Company name is an item found in your license document.
The license number is included in your license document.
Valid Input: License numbers are always case-sensitive.