How to install Apex
Apex is an intelligent reporting solution that users connect to using a web browser. We recommend you install Apex on a server or rack-mounted appliance. If you are already using Apex but planning to upgrade, please see How to upgrade to Windows 10
Ensure you have the latest version of Apex before continuing. Download the latest version from our website: See Supported Operating Systems for a list of supported operating systems.
Caution: Do not uninstall your product prior to or after upgrading unless you intend to remove the product from your system. Beginning with Observer Platform 17.0, each Observer Platform product creates a security certificate that uniquely identifies it when it is installed. If you uninstall your product prior to upgrading, you will lose the trust relationship established by the security certificate and must re-authenticate. Uninstalling and reinstalling creates a new certificate. The new certificate will be automatically rejected by other Observer Platform products that had had a pre-existing association with the asset ID of the reinstalled software. For more details about the certificates, see Understanding the certificate trust model.
To install Apex:
1. We recommend backing up your existing installation if applicable.
2. Simply run the self-extracting executable and follow the installation prompts.
You may be prompted to license the application during its first launch. This can happen when performing a clean installation, such as after a hard drive reformat. Provide your credentials if prompted.