Informational or info messages provide details about normal operational changes or events.

Accepted client tunnel connection
activated layout (<STRING>)
Apply firmware update requested
Applying Firmware Update.
Attempting to import new license
Authenticating user at DN: <STRING>
Authentication system restarted using scheme (<STRING>)
Authentication via web interface failed
Beginning Factory Reset.
Beginning Firmware Update.
Changed auth scheme (<STRING>)
changed default group id (<STRING>)
Changed IPv4 network interface setting '<STRING>' to <STRING>
Changed IPv6 network interface setting '<STRING>' to <STRING>
changed remote authentication setting <STRING> = <STRING>
Changed remote logging settings.
Changed time and/or time source.
Changed time source to <STRING>
CLI shutting down, invalid run mode
Closed client tunnel connection
Configuration backup restored
Created default layout
created filter (<STRING>)
created group (<STRING>)
created group <STRING>
created rule (<STRING>)
created user (<STRING>)
created user <STRING>
Created web session <STRING> for user <STRING>
Current extended version: <STRING>.<STRING>.<STRING>.<STRING>
deleted filter (<STRING>)
deleted group <STRING>
deleted layout (<STRING>)
deleted rule (<STRING>)
deleted user <STRING>
Dummy log entry <STRING>
Ending <STRING>
Expiring web session: <STRING>
Factory clean initiated
Factory reset initiated
Factory reset requested
failed to create group <STRING>
failed to import <STRING> groups
failed to import <STRING> users
failed to update group <STRING>
<STRING> fault cleared.
Firmware status server listening on port: <STRING>
Firmware update succeeded. Rebooting system!
Firmware upgrade process complete.
Flash partition <STRING> attempt #<STRING>
Flash partition <STRING> succeeded
FPGA tunnel listening on port <STRING>
imported <STRING> groups
imported <STRING> users
Imported group <STRING>:<STRING>
Imported user <STRING>:<STRING>
IPv4 - Address: <STRING>, Netmask: <STRING>, Gateway: <STRING>
IPv4 - DNS Servers: <STRING>, <STRING>
IPv6 - Address: <STRING>/<STRING>, Gateway: <STRING>
IPv6 - DNS Servers: <STRING>, <STRING>
IPv6 - OFF
Last system reset caused by AHB.
Last system reset caused by SRESET.
Layout export finished without error
Layout import finished without error
Layout import operation started from CLI
Listening on <STRING>
Log initialized. Version: <STRING>
modified filter (<STRING>)
modified network interface hostname
modified rule (<STRING>)
Network configuration was reset to default values
New network configuration was saved.
New network settings have been applied
NIMS Auth key update successful
NIMS Update Thread shutting down
NIMS Update Thread started
No user interface sections in firmware upgrade,
switch firmware upgrade.
Pending extended version: <STRING>.<STRING>.<STRING>.<STRING>
Ping thread ending.
Ping thread using gateway address '<STRING>'
Port <STRING> changed type. Wiping statistics.
Rebooting device
Rebooting the system
Received file <STRING> exceeds maximum length of <STRING>, length = <STRING>
Received file <STRING>, length = <STRING>
Received flash file <STRING>, length = <STRING>
Rejecting login by user <STRING> because the account is disabled
Rejecting login by user <STRING> because the user does
not belong to a group where login is enabled
Rejecting login by user <STRING> because the user does
not belong to any group
Reloading nilogd configuration file
Reloading time configuration file
Removing resources created by layout import
Request to <STRING> <STRING>
Reset to factory defaults succeeded. Rebooting system!
Resetting network configuration
restarting network interface
Restarting networking
saved layout (<STRING>)
Scp process finished
Scp process started
Select canceled, most likely due to interrupt
Select failed, most likely due to signal interrupt
Setting <STRING> power loss run state to <STRING>
Setting <STRING> power to OFF
Setting <STRING> power to ON
Shared Memory Size: <STRING>
Shutting down ping thread
Shutting down Socket Server
Shutting down SPI thread
Shutting down time sync thread
Shutting down watch thread
sizeof(HWCountsEntry): <STRING>
Skipping group <STRING>:<STRING> because a group
with that ID already exists
Skipping group <STRING>:<STRING> because a group
with that name already exists
Skipping user <STRING>:<STRING> because a user
with that ID already exists
Skipping user <STRING>:<STRING> because a user
with that username already exists
SPI thread shutting down
Starting <STRING>
Starting export of layout '<STRING>' to file '<STRING>'
Starting factory reset!
Starting import of layout file '<STRING>'
Starting NIMS update thread
State changed from <STRING> to <STRING>
Stopping NIMS update thread
System reboot requested
Time changed, clearing all statistics memory.
Unhandled HWApi event: 0x<STRING>
updated group (<STRING>)
updated group <STRING>
updated remote log and SNMP settings
updated user (<STRING>)
updated user <STRING>
User <STRING> was authenticated
User activated layout: <STRING>
User changed authentication configuration
User firmware update accepted
User generated a license request
User is uploading a backup
User is uploading new firmware
User logged in via web interface
User logged out via web interface
User saved layout: <STRING>
User uploaded NIMS key
Using <STRING> authentication
Watch thread shutting down