General settings
System > Settings includes the asset name, data transfer settings, DNS servers, data retention, and the logo used for PDF reports.
Apex asset name
This changeable name identifies Apex to other VIAVI products.
Enable Session Timeout
If selected, user sessions terminate after N-minutes of inactivity.
This minimizes the chances of an unattended user session being hijacked.
Session Timeout (Minutes)
Sets the duration of user inactivity before a session terminates.
Data storage location
Data transferred to Apex is stored in this directory. All dashboards are populated with the data inside.
The default file path is C:\Program Files\Observer Apex\Data for software-only installations and D:\DATA if a hardware appliance.
Primary DNS Server
The IP address of a primary DNS server.
If two servers are declared, the primary is used unless it is unreachable.
Valid Input: Valid addresses are IPv4 only.
Secondary DNS Server
The IP address of a secondary DNS server.
The secondary server is used if the primary becomes unreachable.
Valid Input: Valid addresses are IPv4 only.
Number of days to retain data files
Sets the maximum number of days to keep Apex trending data files, after which they are automatically deleted.
Leave blank to always retain trending data files, although you might run out of free disk space. Deletions occur at midnight UTC time.
Example: 365
Cover page logo
Every PDF report includes this image on its cover page. The image can be changed.
Browse Choose a local SVG image to upload and use.
Revert (x) Discard a newly uploaded image so it is not saved.
Default Resets the image to the Apex default.
Only SVG images are supported. Click 'Apply' to save your changes.
The image is saved as C:\Program Files\Common Files\Observer Web Server\htdocs\OA\less\images\logo.svg. The file name itself is renamed to logo.svg from whatever it was called before.
Must I resize my image before uploading? What are the best dimensions? No, you do not need to resize your image. Dimensions are irrelevant with a vector-based image like SVG. The logo will be scaled appropriately for the report when it is generated.