How to filter a widget
You can filter individual widgets if desired. Meaning, the smallest building-blocks of your dashboards, like tables and graph widgets, can be filtered to focus on specific portions of your network, protocols, and more.
The intended purpose of widget filtering is to narrow the scope of report criteria, so the end result (like a graph) is specific and easily understood by viewers. Filtering a widget does not displace or modify any underlying network trending data.
To filter a widget:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Widget Library.
2. Select a widget from the leftmost pane by clicking it.
The widget is now editable.
3. Ensure the Widget Properties tab is selected.
4. Type filter criteria into the Filter box.
For more information about filters, see Apex Filters.
5. Click the accept icon .
The widget now has a filter. Anywhere the widget is used—any dashboard—the filter remains in effect.