How to filter a dashboard
Filtering a dashboard helps you isolate just the object of interest for you, such as a specific application, IP or MAC address, or telephone number in a VoIP conversation.
You can choose to permanently filter a dashboard or temporarily filter it using an ad hoc filter. An ad hoc filter is typed in the filter box at the top of a dashboard. It searches through the data in the widgets and displays any matching results. It remains in effect until it is cleared.
Figure 9: Ad hoc filter dashboard
To permanently filter a dashboard:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Dashboard Library.
2. Select a dashboard from the leftmost pane by clicking it.
The dashboard is now editable.
3. Click Properties in the rightmost tabs.
4. Type filter criteria into the Dashboard Filter box.
For more information about filters, see Apex Filters.
5. Click the accept icon .
The dashboard is now filtered. The permanent filter remains in effect on the dashboard at all times.