How to enable DNS resolution
Apex can resolve the DNS names of IP addresses shown in dashboards. For that to happen, you must specify DNS server addresses and modify IP fields in widgets to show DNS names.
Seeing DNS names instead of IP addresses can be helpful. Doing so allows users to identify clients and servers of interest more easily when viewing dashboards. Apex can be configured to resolve IP addresses through any DNS servers you specify. The results are consistent for any logged-in user because they come from server-side; logged-in clients are never resolving these DNS names through their own browser or system settings.
1. Under DNS Resolution, type the IP address of a DNS server into Primary DNS Server.
Valid Input: Valid addresses are IPv4 only.
2. Type the IP address of a DNS server into Secondary DNS Server.
Note: The secondary server is used if the primary becomes unreachable.
Valid Input: Valid addresses are IPv4 only.
3. Click the accept icon .
You successfully enabled DNS resolution. The DNS server(s) you specified will be used for DNS resolutions for Apex.
Next you must modify widgets to show IP addresses, DNS names, or both, and you can do this by configuring DNS resolution on widgets.