Understanding data sources
A data source is any Observer Platform product that feeds data into Apex. Data sources are configured in Apex, by you, and assigned to one or more business groups.
Data sources must be configured. Apex must be connected to data sources for the application's core features to operate. Adding a new data source tells Apex about a new Observer Platform product from which you want to get data. For example, one Observer analyzer can be an aggregation point that gets data from several probes like a GigaStor or Observer Suite.
Data sources must be added to business groups. It is not enough to just configure a data source and have Apex automatically connect to it. To transfer the data collected by data sources to Apex, your chosen data sources must be added to a business group.
Apex Lite cannot create data sources. Only a fully licensed Apex has that capability. For other differences, see Apex vs. Apex Lite.