Understanding tags
Dashboard tags allow you to create a custom workflow to link one dashboard to another.
A tag is any case-insensitive string of characters, including letters and numbers, used to create a link between two dashboards. The tag must be applied to both dashboards for the link to be established. If the tag is on one dashboard but not the other, no link is created. Tags can be added to user and site dashboards, but not to system dashboards.
Tags are optional; they are not required for dashboards. If you find yourself needing to click several items to get the information you need, you may want to consider using tags to create a shortcut.
Figure 15: Drill Down menu (showing tagged dashboards)
Dashboard Tag Drill DownDashboard Tag Drill Down
Adding tags to dashboards make sense in the following cases. First, you have a defined workflow where you go from one dashboard to another and another and so on. In this case, use the same tag on the first and second dashboard, a different but same tag on the second and third dashboards, and repeating this until all dashboards have been tagged. The second dashboard would have two different tagsā€”one that connects it to the first dashboard and another that connects it to the third dashboard. For example, a Tier 1 Support team might always start with dashboard A, then go to B, then C, and finally end at D. The dashboards are always looked at in that order. By tagging the dashboards you can make it easy for the Tier 1 team to move from one dashboard to another. Second, tags can help you go from a more general dashboard to a more specific dashboard, and reduce the number of clicks it takes to get there. For instance, you might know that you have an application problem. If you have a generic dashboard that shows many applications and a number of application-specific dashboards, you can tag all of the application-specific dashboards along with the general one to very quickly get the details you need. Because the general dashboard is linked to the specific dashboards, regardless of which application is having the issue, you are just one click away from targeted information.
Tags are one of the properties of a dashboard.