How to export a dashboard
Every dashboard can be exported to a downloadable file. The file can be used for many purposes, such as archival, back ups, or to import back into Apex.
The exported dashboard contains the properties, layout, and widget selections of the dashboard you are viewing, but it does not contain the underlying report data. All widgets referenced in the dashboard are included in the exported file. An issue may arise if some of the exported widgets are user widgets and the user account importing a dashboard is a different user. Ideally, all widgets on your dashboard are site widgets so that they can be shared.
This process is not related to saving your dashboard as a PDF. That information is located at How to save a dashboard as PDF.
Note: The exported dashboard file may contain sensitive information. This is especially true of the dashboard name and description, which are included in clear text inside the exported file.
To export a dashboard:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Dashboard Library.
2. Select a dashboard from the leftmost pane by clicking it.
3. Click the export icon .
A file download begins in your web browser.
The dashboard was successfully exported to a file and saved to a hard disk.