Using some common sense troubleshooting techniques, and asking ourselves some basic questions, we were able to use Apex, Observer, and GigaStor to look at the network, server, and application to isolate the problem. Now that we know where the problem is, we can assign it to the appropriate team to resolve.
In addition to the ones mentioned here, Apex has several dashboards that you can use and configure. The VoIP/UC Analysis dashboard provides summaries for VoIP/UC Analysis performance. The Web/HTTP Analysis dashboard provides details from an HTTP perspective. The Device Health Analysis dashboard gives you a comprehensive network, server, and application information for a device, all in one dashboard. It also shows detailed application transaction analysis between a client/server pair for in-depth analysis. The dashboard library is dynamic and growing. See Importing a user-contributed dashboard.
All dashboards are made up of widgets. The dashboards and widgets are very flexible and can easily be customized by you. We encourage you to design and customize your own widgets and dashboards after you have become comfortable with the use and design of them.