Creating a new site
Creating a site allows you to monitor traffic from it on the Site Performance dashboard or any dashboard with the Site Status widget on it.
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Sites.
2. Click the new icon .
3. Type a name for your site.
A site name may contain spaces and special characters.
Figure 30: Add Site
4. In the Location field, type an address, city name, or postal code.
If your system has internet connectivity, a list appears after typing the second character. If you give a city or postal code, the location pin will be placed in the center of the city or postal code. Without internet connectivity, the site location is set to the center of the map just off the west coast of Africa. Regardless of where the pin was placed, you can manually move it later if you wish.
5. Type a name for the subnet.
The name may contain spaces and special characters. Names must be unique within a site, but may be reused in a different site. The name Not Defined is reserved and cannot be used.
6. Provide a subnet range.
A subnet range may be any IPv4 or IPv6 address, range of addresses, or CIDR notation. Addresses and address ranges must be globally unique across all sites.
Example: is a single IP address.
Example: is a subnet range.
Example: is a subnet range using a mask.
7. Repeat step 5 and step 6.
8. Click Submit.
A pin is placed on the map at the location you defined. This pin represents your site along with all of its subnets.