How to create a business group
Business groups can be created to organize your data sources by department, location, multi-tiered application, or for other reasons. A business group with data sources is required for widgets and dashboards to display data.
To create a business group:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Data.
2. In the Data pane, click Business Groups.
3. Click the new icon .
4. Type a name for your business group.
5. If you want to combine other business groups into this business group, use a drag-and-drop operation in the Included Business Groups tab.
6. If you want to immediately add data sources, complete the following:
a. In the Edit pane, click the Data Sources tab.
b. Move a probe instance from Available Data Sources to Selected Data Sources using a drag-and-drop operation.
You can repeat the drag-and-drop operation to assign more data sources to the business group.
7. Click the accept icon .
You successfully created a business group. You assigned, or will assign in the future, one or more data sources to the business group you created. All selectable business groups appear in a list in the upper-right corner of under Configuration