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How to retrieve a list of available Apex versions
A listing of Apex software versions to upgrade or downgrade to is available directly in Apex. Connect to the VIAVI upgrade repository to retrieve the latest listing of available versions.
Note: Interacting with the upgrade repository requires web connectivity over TCP port 80 or 8008 (by default) on the Apex system. This can be achieved with direct connectivity from OMS to the web or by configuring a proxy in the proxy configuration settings of OMS for downloads. The upgrade repository is hosted by VIAVI and no public mirrors are used.
To ensure your product is using the latest code available, always check the in-product update capability even if you have recently installed. It is strongly recommended that all product updates and upgrade are performed using the in-product update methods instead of installing the executable using Windows File Explorer.
To retrieve a list of available versions, click System > Update .
To retrieve a list of available versions:
1. In the web interface, click System > Update.
Apex connects to the upgrade repository and displays the versions available for download. Release notes for each version are available for viewing.