Understanding business groups
Business groups are collections of data sources. By assembling multiple data sources into a logical grouping, you are creating a business group for that grouping.
Business groups are a collection of data sources. Imagine you have 14 web servers across your network that are monitored by three different probe instances. You can create a business group that views the statistical data from those data sources—the three probes instances. This allows you to view dashboards that combine the metrics from those web servers.
Data sources only transfer trending data after being placed into a business group. It is not enough to add a data source to Apex and have Apex connect to it. To actually transfer data from your data sources, the data sources must be assigned to one or more business groups. This must be done for widgets and dashboards to show any data.
Business groups can contain these data sources:
Probe instances from Observer Suite analyzer, GigaStor, and other probes.
Business groups can include other business groups. Business groups can be nested. This allows you the option of making smaller, more manageable business groups and still have them act as one large business group.