How to filter a business group
Filtering a business group helps you isolate just the objects of interest for you, such as a specific applications, IP or MAC addresses, and more.
Unlike other filtering types in Apex, filtering a business group is permanent. Meaning, the filter is applied directly to the business group and is always in effect when the business group is selected. It is the “highest” level of filtering available in Apex, so all other filters (like filters on a dashboard) take effect after the business group filter. We recommend designing business group filters to be broad because all additional filters depend on what data remains visible.
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Data.
2. Select one by clicking a table row.
The business group is now editable.
3. In the Business Groups Settings tab, type a filter in the Filter box.
The full listing of filter variables can be found in the Apex Filters guide.
4. Click the accept icon .
The business group is now filtered. All data is filtered accordingly when this business group is selected in .