How to have Apex managed by OMS
If your organization uses OMS and wants Apex to be a managed asset, you must integrate Apex into OMS. Doing so allows functionality like user authentication and authorization, plus software version control.
Caution: By following these steps, Apex will be managed by OMS. After the connection is made, you will be unable to disable the management within Apex. Therefore, the only way to remove Apex from being managed is to remove the asset from within OMS.
To change Apex to be managed by OMS:
1. In the web interface, click System > Settings.
2. In the System Settings pane, click Manage by OMS.
3. Select Manage Asset with OMS.
4. In the OMS Server IP/DNS Name box, type the IP address or DNS name of the OMS server.
5. Type OMS administrator credentials into the User Name and Password boxes.
The credentials must have permission to add new assets and/or licenses to OMS (depending on which is needed), or the asset must already be defined and the user must have access to the asset and a license number must be present.
6. Click the accept icon .
If successful, Apex should now be managed by OMS.