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Understanding an application dependency map (ADM)
An application dependency map (ADM) allows you to discover and map the connections responsible for a functioning multi-tier application.
Multi-tiered applications typically rely on multiple servers passing information. In complex network environments, it can be difficult to track or realize the dependency one server has on another server. The application dependency map element can help expose those dependencies.
For example, you may have legacy equipment in your network environment. This equipment has been on your network for years, but what exactly is it responsible for? Would removing it from the network harm any existing applications and solutions? The answers may have been lost over time, but Apex can help you understand those dependencies before you act.
There are two ways that you can use application dependency maps in Apex. The first is the On-Demand ADM that is a right-click option on many DNS or IP addresses. The second is a ADM widget that you can add to dashboards.