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Minimum system specifications for your virtual appliance
Virtual Appliance or Minimum
Processor / CPU
Eight core CPU (reserved frequency 2.0GHz or greater)
Minimum 32 GB (reserved)
Minimum required storage1
100 GB of available space
80 IOPS read/write
Storage considerations2
1 TB or greater recommended
1000 IOPS read/write
Operating system3
64-bit Operating System
Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Network card
Virtualized network adapter
1Gbps or faster link speed >20Mbps per data source

1 Minimum required storage is the disk space required for the software to function, like the total size of its executables, any drivers, log files, and downloaded patches.

2 Smaller storage is acceptable compared to the recommendations. The number of reportable days is limited by the amount of available disk space.

3 See Supported Operating Systems for a full list of supported operating systems.

Hard drive recommendations
There are hard drive recommendations to follow if you install Apex software on non-VIAVI hardware.
If you want to use the software version of Apex on your own hardware or to put Apex in a virtual machine, the table below lists the minimum requirements with these changes (as appropriate):
DATA array: Four (4) disk RAID5. The more read speed you have, the better off you will be.
Hard drives: 7200 RPM platter HDDs. 5400 RPM HDDs and solid state drives (SSDs) are not recommended.