How to license Apex
Apex is designed to be used as a server-based application.
If Apex is installed along with an Observer Platform product but not licensed, you have Apex Lite. Apex Lite provides limited reporting capabilities.
To license and activate Apex:
1. Install and launch the application.
2. Your default web browser will open to the following URL: https://localhost/OA
Example: If it does not, type the URL in the location bar of your web browser and press Enter.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by your web browser to accept the self-signed security certificate.
Your web browser must accept the self-signed security certificate to continue.
4. In the Apex web interface, click System > Settings.
5. In the System Settings pane, click License.
6. Enter the Contact/Department, Company, and License Information exactly how it is written in your license document.
7. Click the accept icon .
You successfully licensed and activated your product.
If licensing and activating your product remains unsuccessful, please contact Technical Support.