How to create an alarm
Create an alarm to send timely notifications—like SNMP traps, email, and Syslog messages—to servers or email addresses. These alarms are triggered when widgets cross the thresholds you have set.
To successfully create an alarm, these items are needed:
A dashboard with threshold-supporting widgets added to it.
To create an Apex alarm:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Alarms.
2. Click the new icon .
3. In the Edit Alarm Settings pane, do the following:
a. Under the Alarm Settings area, configure the business group or probe instance and which dashboard the alarm will associate with, plus any other options.
Every option shown here requires configuration except Alarm Schedule, as it already defaults to Never. To enable this alarm, you must set a schedule.
b. Under the Actions area, select and configure where the alarm notifications should be sent.
At least one selection must be made. These selections use your notification settings.
4. Click the accept icon .
You successfully created an alarm for the selected dashboard and business group or probe instance. If a widget in the dashboard crosses the threshold you specified, the alarm will trigger. A triggered alarm sends notifications to the servers and recipients you specified.