How to add a data source
Adding a new data source tells Apex about the Observer Platform product you want to get data from. At least one data source is needed for Apex to fully operate.
To add a data source:
1. In the web interface, click Configuration > Data.
2. Click Data Sources.
3. Click the new icon .
4. In the Edit pane, provide information about the data source and credentials to connect to it.
You can add multiple Observers and Gigaflows.
In order to use the Threat Map or GigaFlow Analysis capabilities, you must have at least one Observer or one GigaGlow connected. The GigaFlow data source must to set as the Primary Gigaflow. If you do not have one of these data sources connected, then Threat Map and GigaFlow Analysis are grayed out (not functional).
5. Click the accept icon .
The data source is added to Apex, and Apex attempts to communicate with the data source. The Connection State indicator shows the connection status in real time; it is not necessary to refresh the web page.
Note: No network trending data is transferred during this process.
You must assign at least one data source to a business group to complete your configuration. This is because network trending data is only transferred to Apex after a data source is assigned to a business group. For details, see How to assign data sources.