Wireless HT Information
High Throughput (HT) 802.11n operational information which may include any of the following settings:
Primary channel number and optional secondary channel offset (+ above primary, - below primary).
Service interval granularity value.
Channel width: 20/40MHz or 20MHz
Reduced Inter-Frame Spacing (RIFS) Mode supported. Improves performance by reducing time between OFDM transmissions.
Power Save Multi-Poll (PSMP STA) enabled and service interval.
Operational mode: STAs Same, Non-HT STAs Both Ch, HT & 20Mhz STAs and Mixed STAs.
Non Greenfield station present.
Tx Burst limited.
OBSS Non-HT station present.
Dual Beacon enabled.
Dual CTS Protection enabled.
LSIG TXOP Protection enabled.
PCO Active and phase (20MHz or 40MHz).