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Understanding Application Performance Analysis
Application Performance Analysis (APA) is a feature of the Network Trending tool. Using APA allows you to monitor performance trends for any application, server, and client by primarily analyzing Layer 4 of the OSI Model.
Prerequisite: Observer Expert or Observer Suite
Application Performance Analysis collects response times based on Layer 4, which is the Transport Layer (TCP in this case). All statistics which include server response time, client response time, server network delay, client network delay and round trip delay in the TCP events window of Expert Analysis corresponds to analysis performed on the transport layer data packets and not SYN, SYN-ACK, and ACK packets.
Application Performance Analysis cannot account for whether fulfillment of the application took place as expected by the user. In many ways, this means APA is broad but limited. Also, response times in Application Performance Analysis are calculated as described in. Response times are calculated by actual data packets, not SYN or SYN-ACKs (see Response time calculation), while network delay times are calculated exclusively with SYN and SYN-ACKs (see Network delay calculation).