Packet Loss
Packet loss can be the result of the jitter buffer being overwhelmed.
Other reasons include landline media failure and poor wireless signal quality. The latter can be a big problem with VoFi (Voice over WiFi) service. Regardless of the source, VoIP phones and gateways attempt to conceal this type of signal degradation by duplicating packets to fill in the missing data. As with jitter, these techniques can maintain voice quality only to a point.
Packet loss on data networks has long been characterized as a “bursty” phenomenon, which is another way of saying “it never rains, it pours.” Networks tend to either sporadically drop single packets (these periods are called “gaps” in packet loss), or large numbers of contiguous packets in a “burst.” Packet loss concealment techniques typically have no problem handling packet loss during gap periods; it is the sustained bursts you must watch out for.