Viewing wireless access point statistics
The Wireless Access Point Statistics tool shows network traffic passing through any access points visible to the Observer wireless NIC.
Note: Wireless Access Point Statistics is only available using a supported VIAVI wireless driver.
The Access Point Statistics mode shows traffic passing through any Access Points (APs) visible to the Observer wireless NIC.
This mode is an all-purpose tool for maintaining performance and security on a WLAN that uses APs, showing you:
Wireless stations that are connected to an AP
Non-wired stations that they communicate with
Levels of signal strength, quality, data/non-data transfer rates for each station on the access point
AP traffic totals
For example, you can immediately see if there is a station connected to the wrong AP, or if an unauthorized AP has been installed. AP statistics will display whether a station has a problem with quality or range of connection based on the number of reassociations and retransmissions, or whether a station is configured incorrectly based on station poll totals.
There are two Access Point Statistics tabs. The Cumulative tab shows running totals of statistics collected since the mode was started; the Latest/Min/Max tab shows the most recent, the minimum, and the maximum values for access point statistics.
1. On the Classic tab, in the Statistics group, click Wireless Access Point Statistics.
2. Click the Settings button.
After completing this task:
Click the tab that you want to use to configure how the pair circle or list appears.