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Viewing the distribution of packet sizes by station
Observer makes it easy to see what protocols are being used on your network, and what devices are using them. The Size Distribution Statistics tool hows stations’ traffic patterns (subject to filter criteria) sortable by packet size.
For example, you can see if printers are sending packets out to non-existent devices or routers are broadcasting in protocols that no other devices understand; these are just two examples of incorrectly configured devices that could be wasting bandwidth on your network.
♦On the Classic tab, in the Statistics group, click Size Distribution Statistics.
You can collapse or expand the tree's subprotocol branches. The statistics are derived from the raw bytes and utilization percentages for each protocol and subprotocol. Search for any protocols that should not be running on your network, or discover if an expected protocol is generating an unexpected amount of traffic, which may indicate a hardware or configuration problem.
By right-clicking the display, you can jump immediately to a list of stations generating the selected protocol.