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Viewing utilization history
Note: The Utilization History tool ignores any filters applied to the probe instance. This means the utilization shown is not affected by filters, which ensures the utilization history you see is always accurate. Bandwidth Utilization—a separate Observer tool—may serve as a substitute if you need to see utilization that adheres to your probe instance’s filters. For details, see Viewing bandwidth utilization with a filter.
Results can be saved in a comma delimited file using File > Save > Save Data.
To view short-term utilization history of the network, follow the steps. For viewing utilization history over a longer period, we recommend using network trending features instead; see Understanding the Network Trending tool.
On the Home tab, in the Statistics group, click Utilization > Utilization History.
Click the View button to choose a different layout, or click Settings to further customize said layouts. Most importantly, changes can be made to the update interval of the graph view. Regardless of the graph view’s update interval, sampling is done each second.