Viewing real-time statistics per device
To view real-time statistics of individual stations, use the Web Observer tool, which focuses on HTTP traffic (port 80)—or all traffic if desired—to and from an individual station.
Classic mode must be enabled.
1. On the Home tab, in the Analysis group, click Web Observer.
2. At least one station must be configured before Web Observer can be activated. To configure a station, click the Settings button and select an address to monitor.
3. Click OK, and click Start to activate.
Web Observer can be configured to show additional individual stations—you are not limited to viewing one station at a time. To view the real-time statistics of individual stations in bulk, simply configure more stations in Web Observer.
To do this, right-click the row of empty tabs near the lower, leftmost portion of the Web Observer window, and select Create Web Window.
Results can be saved in a comma delimited file using File > Save > Save Data.