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Using the Microburst Analysis tab in the GigaStor Control Panel
To search for microbursts across a large time frame (greater than 15 minutes) you must use the Microburst Analysis tab.
The Microburst Analysis tab shows you the number of microbursts Observer found in the time frame you selected. You can see exactly when the microburst occurred, how many bytes where in the burst, and the network utilization when the burst occurred.
When you select a microburst, you can choose to see that slice of time on the Detail Chart or you can view the packet in the Decode pane.
You can select the Microburst Analysis Graph tab and see the found microbursts on a graph.
1. Select a probe instance.
2. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click GigaStor.
3. Click the Microburst Analysis tab.
4. Highlight the data in the Detail Chart you want to analyze for microbursts and click Analyze. The GigaStor Analysis Options screen opens.
5. Choose whether you want any filters and select Microburst analysis in the Analysis Type section.
6. Define what a microburst is for your network and click OK. The results appear in the Microburst Analysis tab. For details, see Duration, Utilization threshold, and Full duplex. It may take a moment for the GigaStor Control Panel to process the data and display the results.