Using the MIB Walker
SNMP MIB Walker lets you walk a MIB to determine what objects it contains.
To do this, choose Tools > SNMP MIB Walker.
The MIB Walker automatically browses through the hierarchy of an SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) and displays what objects it contains.
To open SNMP MIB Walker, select Tools > SNMP MIB Walker. If this is the first time you have run the mode, the setup screen is displayed, which allows you to select and configure MIB Walker profiles:
Select a device or click New Device to configure a new device. The MIB walker profile creation dialog includes the following controls:
After you have a profile (or multiple profiles) defined:
1. Select a MIB Walker profile.
2. By default, the initial OID for the walk will be If you prefer to have your MIB walk begin from another OID, enter it in the Initial OID or use the drop-down arrow if you have recently used another starting point.
3. is the root of the proprietary part of the MIB tree. A walk from will give you information on the proprietary OIDs. To get information from the standard OIDs, start the walk at
4. Click the Start button to start.
5. SNMP Extension’s MIB Walker will step through all higher branches of the MIB tree (starting at the initial OID) and display the results in the Walk Network Device MIB Table Viewer.
Profile name
Choose a name that is descriptive enough to be meaningful to you later.
IP Address
Allows you to enter the IP address to be used for the profile.
Allows you to enter the community for the profile (public or private).
SNMP version
Allows you to select the SNMP version.
Initial OID
Allows you to enter the initial OID.
Allows you to enter comments regarding this walk.
Choose existing SNMP devices button
Allows you to pick an SNMP device to create a MIB profile from a list of SNMP devices that have already been defined in or discovered by Observer.