Using the Expert Probe software
Learn how to create, configure, redirect, and delete both local and remote probe instances.
Prerequisite: Expert Probe
The Expert Probe is a step above the Multi Probe software and is the only probe software that runs on the GigaStor. The Expert Probe includes all the functionality of the Multi Probe, plus it displays remote expert analysis in real time for faster troubleshooting. If you are using the Expert Probe on a GigaStor(rather than a non-GigaStor probe) there are even more features available. Just like the Multi Probe, the Expert Probe has a number of tabs that allow you to control probe network connections and memory usage, administer probe security, and monitor probe activity.
Figure 81: Expert Probe on a GigaStor
An Expert Probe transfers decode data to an Observer only when you select the packet from the one-line summary pane, which is updated with packet header information in real time. This conserves network bandwidth by analyzing all data locally and sending only the results. This eliminates the need to transfer data packets over the wire. This differs from the Single Probe and Multi Probe because those probes send the entire buffer to the analyzer and the decoding and analysis happens on the analyzer.
Another feature exclusive to the Expert Probe is its ability to switch between being a probe or an analyzer. This can be very useful depending on your needs. This gives you flexibility in using the probe both remotely and on site.