Using End-to-End Analysis
With End-to-End Analysis you can determine the exact time conversations between two network points occurred. Observer provides in-depth conversation information on the exact network delay between the two points.
For End-to-End Analysis to determine the exact time conversations occurred between two network points, the three-way handshake must be seen. Additionally, the handshake must be seen on a known protocol.
Observer monitors point-to-point connections using the End-to-End Analysis feature.
Note: End-to-End Analysis does not support MultiHop Analysis. For that you must use the MultiHop Analysis feature. See Using MultiHop Analysis.
To configure end-to-end analysis, complete the following steps:
1. Ensure you have two saved capture files to compare.
2. On the Home tab, in the Analysis group, click Server Analysis.
3. Click the Select Files to Analyze button. The End to End Server Analysis Settings window appears to the Files tab.
4. Click Add to select the files to analyze. You may add several files to the list; however, you may only compare two files at a time.
5. If any address translation (NAT) occurs, define the address in the IP Mapping section.
6. Click the General Tab.
7. Click OK.
8. Expand the server list and choose one or more servers and click Server Analysis.
The Server Analysis window shows server and network delay, load, and utilization.
9. To view the connection dynamics, hop summary, and summary statistics, click the End to End Drill Down tab.