Using agent information windows
The information collected from agents by SNMP Extension is displayed, upon request, in an Agent Information Window. When you select an agent entry from the SNMP Agents list, or from the map display, an Agent Display pane opens.
An agent display is an MDI child window. It cannot be moved outside the display area. You can open multiple agent windows simultaneously and tile them in horizontal, vertical, or cascading formats. One window per agent is opened. Select a tiling choice from the Windows menu or click the appropriate tiling choice on the button bar.
The total number of agent windows you can open simultaneously is limited only by your available Windows resources.
Each agent window can display any combination of lists, charts, tables, or forms. Each new list, chart, table, or form creates a new tab at the bottom of the agent window.
When multiple agent windows are open, you can select an active window by selecting it from the Windows menu. The Windows menu also includes commands for arranging icons and closing all open windows.
Agent windows can be minimized (its icon will appear at the bottom of the Agent Display Area) or maximized to completely fill the Agent Display Area. When the agent window is maximized, it will change in size as the Agent Display Area is resized.
Each agent information window contains an Event Log tab that displays the local event log. This window cannot be closed. Errors appear only if the agent is down or malfunctioning. When an agent is down, the Event Log displays a message indicating that SNMP Management Console exceeded the number of retries while attempting to poll the agent. Another type of error is reply packet parsing errors. If these errors appear, either the SNMP agent is malfunctioning or it's sending reply objects not supported by SNMP Extension.