User interface
Observer, the software and its user interface, is described as the analyzer. The engine that makes traffic collection possible is the probe.
Observer (i.e., the Observer software) is the key to viewing, manipulating and controlling all of the data that a probe captures or sees flow through it. The analyzer communicates with remote probes throughout your network using TCP/IP, or the analyzer uses the local probe built into it.
The leftmost portion of the Observer user interface is the probe window where local and remote probes, NetFlow, sFlow, and SNMP devices are listed.
The main portion of the interface is the tools window. It is here where statistics, trending, decode, expert, and all other tools are displayed. Most tools have their own Settings button used to configure it. Within the tool window you can select and drag separator lines between windows (for instance, you may want to reduce the size of the probes list or log window or even hide it), and you can customize which tools are shown from the View menu.
To use Observer select the desired probe, then pick the desired tool from the main toolbar or from the main menu. You may have multiple tools running simultaneously for each probe. Each tool is in its own tab at the bottom of the tool window. Some tools have additional tabs along the top or bottom that provide even more functionality and display options.
Figure 3: Commonly seen user interface