UDP Excessive Retransmissions
Because UDP is a connectionless protocol, retransmissions are handled at the application layer. Different applications use different methods for determining retransmissions (such as timers or sequence numbers). UDP retransmissions occur for a number of reasons, including the packet was lost, dropped or otherwise missing. The event is displayed when the percentage of UDP retransmission packets (by application and address pair) is above the critical value set in the Expert Thresholds. This value is the sum of all identified events in the UDP Events display.
Possible reasons for the event:
The receiving station was too busy to respond to the sending station.
Network traffic load was so high the original packet was lost due to the high utilization.
A router dropped the packet, or was unable to forward the packet. This could be because the router is too busy, or is malfunctioning.
Bad cabling or a failing switch/hub is causing an intermittent network failure.