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Troubleshooting synchronization errors
File synchronization is essential to MultiHop Analysis, and it is automatically attempted by Observer. By aligning the capture files in time and determining whether timestamp differences are the result of delay versus clock drift and other collection artifacts, Observer shows you not only total delay, but also the proportion of delay with each hop.
This, however, is the reason why synchronization errors are troublesome while using MultiHop Analysis—errors must be avoided for the tool to work as intended. If you cannot avoid synchronization errors, there exists a troubleshooting method called user offset, which could fix the issue.
Tip! Typically, user offset never needs adjusting because Observer automatically synchronizes your segments. However, adjusting user offset is useful when manual control is your absolute top priority
Note: The following steps assume you have already loaded two or more segments into MultiHop Analysis. See Using MultiHop Analysis and Quickly using MultiHop Analysis.
To troubleshoot synchronization errors, navigate to the user offset values by completing the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Analysis group, click MultiHop Analysis.
2. Click the Settings button.
3. Click the Synchronization tab. This tab lists your loaded segments and the time synchronization(s) currently applied to them.
4. Adjust the values in the User Offset (sec) column.
After completing this task:
Some experimentation may be required when adjusting your user offset values; this process is iterative, so you can keep adjusting until you are satisfied with the results.