Third Party Decoder tab
Prerequisite: Observer Expert or Observer Suite
This tab allows you to specify a third party decoder, which can be installed anywhere on the same system as Observer, to use when loading saved packet captures. By enabling this option, a new menu option is available: File > Decode Capture File using Wireshark. Some third party packet analyzers can decode some things that Observer cannot. You can use Observer to capture the traffic and use the third party decoder to analyze it. Additionally, if you want to use a third party decoder to look at the same packet capture and compare the results side-by-side, you can now launch the decoder from within Observer.
Assign menu name
Defines the menu option that appears under the File menu. It defaults to “Decode Capture File using Wireshark,” but this menu item can be anything you want.
Executable name
Provide the full path to the third party application you want to use to decode capture files. The decoder must be installed on the same system as Observer , not the probe.
Command line
Provide any command line options you want to pass to the third party decoder when you are opening the application.
Capture buffer format
Choose which file format to export your capture to: Observer’s native BFR format or PCAP. See Saving packet captures.