The MIB Editor
The MIB Editor is where MIBs are compiled and MIB objects are placed in requests to create SNMP Management Console lists, charts, tables, forms, and traps.
MIB—a MIB is a text file in Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) format, which describes in a structured way the objects an SNMP device supports.
Compiled MIBs—a compiled MIB is a binary file created from a MIB file in preparation for creating requests to be submitted to an SNMP agent.
Device Types (Requests)—a request file is the actual file sent to an SNMP agent, polling and/or setting the states of various MIB objects or OIDs.
The MIB Editor displays compiled MIBs on the left pane of the window and request files on the right pane. Both compiled MIBs and requests are displayed in a familiar Windows tree format. The MIB Editor is used to compile MIBs and create/edit requests.