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How to install or upgrade the software
This section describes the installation process and minimum requirements if you are installing Observer or probe on your system. This applies to physical and virtualized servers. If you virtualize the server, each server must meet these specifications.
An administrator account is required to install and run any version of Observer or probe software except Observer Expert Console Only (ECO). Observer ECO requires an administrator account just for installation; a standard user account can be used for running Observer ECO.
Standard network cards do not support “raw” wireless packets, nor do they enable “promiscuous” mode by default. Promiscuous mode captures all packets for the analyzer, not just those addressed to the network card. Both “raw” wireless packets and promiscuous mode are required by Observer. ErrorTrak drivers were needed in earlier versions of Observer. They are no longer necessary.
If you do not meet the minimum requirements, the system may seem to operate in the short term, but be aware that even if a sub-minimum installation works momentarily, a later, heavier load on the system can cause it to fail. VIAVI sells hardware probes that are guaranteed to keep up with heavy loads. See the Observer Platform website for details.
You may install the probe software on a virtual machine so long as it meets the system requirements. The installation process is the same. You may also want to consider using a virtual TAP. See Using the probe as a virtual TAP.
Caution: See the important information in How to upgrade to Windows 10 if you want to upgrade the operating system!
1. Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements.
2. Choose one of the following:
After completing this task:
License your software. See FAQ: Licensing and updating.
If you are using a wireless network adapter to capture traffic, see Installing the wireless NIC driver on Windows 7/Vista.
If you are using a USB wireless network adapter to capture traffic, see Installing a third-party USB wireless adapter.
If you use Observer on a virtual machine and network traffic cannot be captured or BSODs (bluescreens) are occurring, see Virtual machine troubleshooting.