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Switching between the probe and analyzer user interfaces
Most probes can be run as either a Windows service or in application mode. Some settings can only be made when the probe is in application mode.
Prerequisite: Multi or Expert Probe.
Depending on how you want or need to use your Expert Probe, it can be either an Observer to help you view your network data or it can be a probe to capture data and to which other Observer can connect. The Expert Probe software cannot simultaneously be an analyzer and a probe.
To change the Expert Probe interface to load as a fully-featured Observer, click File and Options > Switch Interface. You must restart the application to see the change.
Note: For a GigaStor, the Expert Probe software is running as a Windows service. You must stop the Expert Probe service before you can change its interface.
1. Right-click the Probe Service Configuration Applet in the system tray and choose Open Probe Configuration.
Figure 82: Probe Service Configuration Applet
The Probe Administration window opens.
2. Choose Options > Probe Options.
3. Clear the option Run Probe as a Windows Service option, and click OK.
This removes the VIAVI Expert Probe service from Windows.
4. Start Observer.
5. Click the File tab, and click Options > Switch Interface.
6. Choose Observer, click OK, and click OK again when prompted.
This closes Observer.
7. Start Observer.
Observer is now set to use the analyzer interface.
When switching back to an Expert Probe on the GigaStor, you must reverse these steps and then you must manually start Expert Probe from the Windows Service Control Manager. It may take a moment before the service starts. You may need to restart the GigaStor for the setting changes to fully set.