The MIB Walker is accessed by selecting an SNMP device from the SNMP Agents pane and clicking Tools > SNMP MIB Walker.
1. To walk an agent MIB, right-click on the desired SNMP Agent in the SNMP Agent pane and select Walk Network Device MIB.
2. By default, the initial OID for the walk will be If you prefer to have your MIB walk begin from another OID, enter it in the Initial OID or use the arrow if you’ve recently used another starting point. Note that is the root of the proprietary part of the MIB tree. A walk from will give you information on the proprietary OIDs. To get information from the standard OIDs, start the walk at
3. Click the Start button to start.
4. SNMP Management Console’s MIB Walker will step through all higher branches of the MIB tree (starting at the initial OID) and display the results in the Walk Network Device MIB Table Viewer.