Setting values
One of the main uses of the MIB Walker and the Walk Agent List Viewer is to permit you to explore the SNMP agent by setting values to see what effect different values have on the actual device and to be sure that objects are writable.
1. To set a value, double click any object on the Walk Agent List Viewer. The Set Value dialog will be displayed. Before attempting to make any changes, note the present value, so that you can restore the device to its original state.
2. Type an appropriate real or test value into the Value box.
3. Click the Set Value button. SNMP Extension will attempt to set the given OID to the entered value.
4. If the attempt to set the value succeeds, the dialog box will be redisplayed with the Status line reading Done.
Be careful to use the proper type of value when setting the value. If you attempt to set an integer SNMP value to a character string (e.g., Bob) it will be set to zero.
5. If the attempt to set the value fails, an error dialog will be displayed, and the Status line on the Set Value dialog box will read Failed instead of Done.
After completing this task:
Failure can happen for one or both of two reasons:
The MIB object you are attempting to set is Read-Only and cannot be reset, or
You do not have the proper read-write community name for this device.