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Setting up text message notifications
Observer can also send notifications to your mobile device/phone in the form of text messages. Receiving notifications via text messages could, sometimes, arrive quicker than receiving an email, or perhaps you share a common mobile device with others in shifts—these are both good reasons to set up text message notifications.
Remember, text messages notifications are not facilitated by VIAVI servers; the entire process described in this section relies solely on an established connection between your outgoing SMTP server, your wireless carrier, and the target mobile device.
Note: VIAVI cannot guarantee the following email address conventions will work indefinitely, although they were operational at the time of writing. Contact your wireless carrier for more details.
To set up text message notifications, complete the following steps:
1. Create or edit a user account, and type an email address reflecting the conventions.
Wireless carrier
Email-to-text address convention
Verizon Wireless
Sprint PCS
Virgin Mobile
US Cellular
Boost Mobile