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Setting a schedule for when data captures should occur
One way to ensure you always have timely packet captures is to schedule them. For example, you may want to automatically start a packet capture at the beginning of business hours each day; you can accomplish this by scheduling your packet captures accordingly.
To schedule packet captures to begin at preset times, complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click GigaStor.
2. Click the Settings button.
The GigaStor Settings window appears.
3. Click the Schedule tab.
4. Select one of the following scheduling types. For the GigaStor active instance you should choose Always unless you have a specific reason to choose a different option.
No scheduling—captures are never scheduled
Always—capture runs at all times
Daily at specified times—capture runs at same time each day
You must specify a capture begin and end time by clicking the Add button for each day you select. Multiple time intervals are configurable, per day, if the times do not conflict.
5. In the Reserve scheduling for section, select GigaStor and click OK.
You may receive a notice about scheduling reservation. If you do, click Yes to change the scheduling.
6. Click OK to confirm and save your changes