Selecting a time frame to analyze
The GigaStor Control Panel has two graphs along the top: a Detail Chart and below it a Outline Chart. The Detail chart shows a shorter time frame. The Outline Chart shows a longer time frame with the Detail Chart being a portion of time from within Outline Chart.
You can configure the resolution of Detail Charts by clicking the “Screen resolution” option and using the slider to pick a time resolution. It can be anything from 8 hours/8 weeks so that you can see longer term trends to as short as 10 nanoseconds/500 nanoseconds to focus on specific issues. At the shorter time resolutions you can enable microburst analysis. The “Data type” list specifies what type of data appears in the Detail Chart.
You can configure the amount of time shown on the Outline Chart by right-clicking it and choosing “Outline Time Resolution.” It is measured in multiples of the Detail Chart. You may also choose to show packets or load in the chart.
Tip! If you know the time when something occurred that you want to investigate, you can jump to that time by right-clicking the Detail Chart and choosing Go to Specific Time.