Resolving DNS names
After building an address book, consider resolving the DNS names of the collected IP addresses. Typically, DNS names are more meaningful to end-users than IP addresses, so you should resolve them.
To do this, click the Resolve IP button. Observer then attempts to resolve the DNS name of each entry in the address book.
Having trouble resolving DNS names in other portions of the Observer software? Check any of the following:
Save your address book after resolving DNS names as described above, and see if this resolves your problem.
Ensure the option for resolving DNS names is enabled. Choose Options > General Options. Then, in the General tab, ensure Disable IP Address DNS Resolution is not selected.
Remember that DNS names in the decode views are resolved by the Observer analyzer viewing the decode. Loading a saved packet capture might return different DNS names than originally seen, but this occurs because the IP addresses have changed since that time.